Russian delegation visited Narvik

In connection with the Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 project “Arctic Railway Infrastructure in Kolarctic (ARINKA)” a Russian delegation from the Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS) and ROSZELDOR (The Russian Federation of Railways) visited Narvik for a workshop on cross broder cooperation within railway technology. The workshop was arranged from 26 to 27th April.

The Russian delegates were welcomed to Narvik and the workshop by the Mayor of Narvik, Rune Edvardsen and Vice Mayor, Geir-Ketil Hansen. Under the first day of the workshop, serveral sessions with presentations were conducted of the Northern Research Institute Narvik (Norut Narvik) by Director Terje Nordvåg, and UiT The Arctic University of Norway by Vice Rector Kriss Rokkan and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology Bjørn Solvang.

The Russian guests were welcomed by the Mayor of Narvik, Rune Edvardsen.

As a part of the workshop a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed for scientific and educational co-operation between the Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University and UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Norut Narvik. The MoU comprises both development and implementation of joint educational and research programmes and cross border exchange of faculty members, researchers and students within relevant areas.

Signing of the MoU. Terje Nordvåg, Director of Norut Narvik (left), Alexander Panychev, Rector of the Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (middle) and Kriss Rokkan, Vice Rector of UiT The Arctic University of Norway (right).

Under the workshop a presentation of the Norwegian Railway Network was given by Director Thor Brækkan at Bane NOR, and of the Swedish Iron ore maker LKAB, by Director Jacob Steinmo. It was also organised a site visit to LKABs iron ore facility in Narvik and a railway survey on the Ofoten Line.

During workshop, the following topics were disussed:

  • Norwegian Railway Technologies
  • Heavy Haul Railway
  • The Ofoten & Nordland lines
  • Railway & iron ore terminals (LKAB/ SILA, Narvik Harbour/ Kaunis Iron)

The first day ended with an evening dinner at the Mountain lift restaurant on top of the Narvik mountain.

Railway survey on the Ofoten Line.

Day two started with a visit to Narvik War Museum and continued with a tour to the memorial sites in Beisfjord. Here the delegates visited the monuments that has been raised in memory of the Russian and Yugoslavian victims that died in the German “Beisfjord Camp” under The World War II.

Later the second day of the workshop, the Russian delegation had meeting and discussions with Narvik Harbour by Director Rune Arnøy and Ragnar Krogstad. Topics covered in this meeting:

  • The Narvik Harbour/ Kaunis Iron ore railway & storage terminal
  • New East-West railway freight corridor

The second day of the workshop ended with a bout tour on the Ofoten fjord where the delegates got the opportunity to have a closer look on the surrounding nature and to do some fishing.

Narvik & Ofoten fjord seen from the Mountain lift resturant.

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