Kolarctic CBC meeting in Luleå

On 28-29 November 2019, The Managing Authority of the Kolarctic CBC organised a meeting for the project partners in Luleå, Sweden.

ARINKA project partners attending the Kolarctic meeting in Luleå, Ville Rauhala (LUAS), Terje Nordvåg (NORUT) and Elena Gorodnova (PGUPS)

On the first day of the meeting, a session was held where each of the 29 projects was presented in the form of a three-minute presentation. The ARINKA project “Arctic Railway Infrastructure in Kolarctic” was presented by Mr. Ville Rauhala from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (LUAS).

In the afternoon the first day, a press conference was held, where the partners shared their experience in obtaining grants and discussed the most complex issues of cross-border cooperation based on differences in the legislative acts of the participating countries.

On the second day of the meeting, round tables were organized, where partners from different projects were able to discuss issues related to the monitoring of the process of implementation of their projects, and to develop a common approach to solving organizational and administrative problems. The main difficulty was that the partners working within the framework of the common project were members of different groups of round tables. This, communication took place with representatives of other projects, as well as with other foreign partners. The task turned out to be feasible, and all participants of the meeting received personal certificates!

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